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Efficient Irrigation Systems

Over 20 years of experience is on your side

Doing business with us means that you’ve chosen the most efficient irrigation and water management system that will benefit you and your plot for years to come. It also means you’ve chosen to work with an industry leader company that has over 20 years of experience.

The solutions we provide for irrigation and water management are only as good as the data we generate. Using the best data technology, we provide the most efficient irrigation systems to our customers.

By utilizing state-of-the art GPS mapping technology, we are able to quickly and accurately define field shape, size, elevation and existing infrastructures. This data is then input into the industry’s latest design programs. Our design programs then determine what combination of products will provide the most efficient irrigation system that meets your technical demands and financial requirements.

Our experience with both complete projects and individual services make us your best choice for irrigation and water management services. Our job is to provide the most efficient irrigation system.



Individual IrrigationCustom DesignEmergency Services
Installation of PVC, installation and service on pumps, filters, and center pivots.
Our complete service includes design and installation for your wildlife and agricultural applications.
Our emergency service are based on availability. Please call us at (956) 781-6651 for more details.

Your plot deserves the best in the irrigation industry

We mean it when we say we are the best. Our installation and irrigation staff are recognized as the best the irrigation industry has to offer. Our irrigation services allow you to apply water and fertilizer uniformly, improve filtration, lower pumping costs and maximize yields.

Whether it’s flood, center pivot, sprinkler, or drip irrigation, when the Hi-Tech crew arrives on site they know what to do and how to do it. With thousands of dollars at stake, choose experts that put the water where you need it when you need it, contact us today!